Smart Labrador Retriever Plays Unique Fetch Game with Her Doggie Pal

Kai the black Labrador Retriever has a funny game she plays with her doggie friends that she invented all on her own. It’s a game that keeps them guessing and Kai very entertained.

Her technique is pretty unique and one we’ve never seen. First, she takes the ball to the edge of the diving board. Next, she paws it teasingly, chews it and makes her friend, Talon, bark with anticipation. In fact, Talon is so excited he can’t wait any longer so he jumps into the pool and paddles under the diving board to wait for Kai to throw it to him.

Finally Kai pitches it into the water with a flick of her paw. And after Talon has fetched it she runs to the other side of the pool and retrieves it. Both dogs love it!

Her family calls Kai’s game the “pool ball game.” Many viewers wondered how Kai learned it but Diana Rockwell, Kai’s mom, says, “I wish I could take credit for training this dog but she figures out games all by herself!”

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