Rescuer Shocked By Terrible Condition Of Malamute

When Ronan arrived at the The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County they weren’t sure the Alaskan Malamute would make it.

The shelter pulled him through his health crisis and reached out to The Asher House. So Lee came to pick him up and it was clear that Ronan would need a lot of care. “This dude is messed up,” Lee said from the moment he saw him.

The Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County related all the problems with Ronan’s health. He’s got lesions all over, he’s got osteoarthritis and a thyroid problem contributing to his skin and lack of appetite.

But Lee has made Ronan and the Humane Society a promise to get him better.

First thing a spa day. It wasn’t an easy grooming session and it’s clear he’ll need a lot of baths to get the yeast/fungus from his skin. After his long day, Ronan was ready for a nap!

Even though Ronan is grouchy because of the pain he’s in, we’re sure he’ll be feeling better soon now that he’s joined the Asher House pack.

Pupdate: Here’s an update on Ronan’s progress:

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