160-Pound Great Dane Adopts 1-Pound Orphaned Kitten

Potato the kitten was only 3 days old and without a mom when he arrived at Karen’s home to be fostered. She immediately noticed that her 160-pound Great Dane, Corbin, acted like a surrogate “mom”around the orphaned kitten so she decided that Corbin would help her foster. She would feed the kitten and Corbin would clean Potato and keep him warm.

As Potato grew up, he stayed small in size but got big in personality. But Corbin makes sure Potato stays out of trouble, especially when he plays with the family’s other dog.

Karen says she’s fostered over 150 kittens, but there was just something about Potato so she’s decided to keep him. And it’s obvious that Corbin the Great Dane loves that he’s become a foster failure as you’ll see in the video below.

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