Puppy Makes Astonishing Recovery After Her Belly Sliced Open In Horrible Car Accident

A young puppy caught in a car accident suffered a life-threatening wound. But was she too wounded to survive? Rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited arrived at the scene of the accident to find a puppy with her stomach gashed open, exposing her internal organs.

For some reason she had not lost too much blood but she was in shock. They whisked her to the veterinarian at their shelter who immediately prepped her for surgery.

“When so much tissue is exposed to the elements, fighting infection is one of the additional worries, so repositioning her organs and suturing the wound was only part of the challenge,” Animal Aid writes.

She pulled through surgery but they needed to wait a few days to see if she would really pull through. Says the animal rescue, “If you’ve watched our videos before, you might expect a happy ending. But this girl’s journey might take you beyond ‘ahhh’ to an emotion of pure delight. And that’s what we’ve named her: Delight. Meet her now!”

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