Puppies Abandoned In Cardboard Box So Young They Barely Can Open Their Eyes

Dog Rescue Shelter in Serbia got a call about puppies abandoned in a cardboard box and left in a field 19 km away from their shelter.

Knowing the puppies were likely very young and unable to survive long without their mother, rescuers immediately drive out to find them. Thankfully, the Good Samaritan sent them a text of the exact location.

Once the rescuer arrives, he sees a box with six puppies inside around three weeks old. The first thing he does is he checks to see they are still alive and none are sick and unresponsive. He then checks that none had climbed out of the box. Even though the pups are too young to get very far and can’t even walk, they can still wriggle so it is good that he goes and looks around.

Being too young to be away from their mama, the pups need to be bottle fed. Thankfully, they are being well cared for at the shelter.

“In Serbia many people do not spay/neuter their dogs. They forcibly take the puppies away from the mother and leave them somewhere to die hungry and thirsty,” Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac, Serbia writes on YouTube. “We can’t find their mother, she must be so sad without them.”

But, happily, these six pups will survive.


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