Pit Bull Scared of Kitten At First, Now Considers Him His Best Friend

When Nathan and Leana rescued a kitten they didn’t know it would have such a big impact on their family and especially on their dog, Ziggy.

It all began when the couple heard a kitten meowing from a drain and came to his rescue. It would take a bit of effort to save him, as you can see in the video below.

They named the kitten TicTac and once he was checked over by the vet they took him home to meet Ziggy. TicTac wasn’t scared of their Pit Bull at all and immediately wanted to befriend the dog. The same couldn’t be said for Zigs. He would get up and walk away, terrified of the tiny fur ball.

But it didn’t take too long for TicTac to work his charms on his pittie brother and now the two are best friends.

TicTac loves to accompany Ziggy on his outdoor adventures and Ziggy loves to cuddle with his feline companion! The two couldn’t be happier and as Nathan and Leana say, “Unexpected friendships are the best ones.”

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