Parents Surprise Their Bullied Son With Puppy After School

A boy whose parents say he is bullied at school decided to give him a friend who will love him unconditionally. The young boy comes home from school to find a gift box waiting for him in the living room of his family’s home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. When he opens it to find a puppy inside, he’s overcome with emotion, as you’ll see below:

Viewers have been very touched by the young boy’s reaction. “He’s bullied because he’s a lovely boy, and their jealous because they have hate in their hearts,” wrote one viewer. “Young man you won’t be around these bullies forever. Hang in there, you seem like a great kid. Enjoy your dog. He will always be your best friend.”

Another person wrote, “For a boy of this age to show such emotion and empathy on receiving a new friend is very special. Brought tears to my eyes too.”

Yet another viewer wrote, “Fallen in love with this kid. What an absolute sweetheart, I’m so happy for him getting a puppy. His gratitude was overwhelming.”

One thing is for sure he has the best friend anyone can ask for and the dog will be his friend for life.

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