Baby Thinks Dog Popping Bubbles is Hysterically Funny

Baby Molly wasn’t so entertained when her mom begins blowing soap bubbles. But when her dog Bennie joined in she couldn’t stop laughing.

Molly’s mom caught the sweet moment on camera and says, “On a lazy day I decided to try blowing bubbles for my daughter, Molly. At first, she didn’t think they were ‘all that,’ but then Bennie, the dog, showed Molly how much fun bubbles can be. Molly thought Bennie’s bubble popping was the funniest thing she has seen in her 9-1/2 months!”

Bennie is such a sweet dog. His family says they adopted him from a shelter in Illinois. “They told us that he is a German Shepherd and Beagle mix. We would not be surprised to find out that he has some corgi mixed in as well!” What the shelter probably didn’t say is that Bennie is the sweetest furry sibling baby Molly could ask for.

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