Woman Adopts Pit Bull and Discovers He Has a Lifesaving Talent That Changes Her Life

Danielle Zuckerman is a former Navy nuclear scientist with a serious spinal injury. She adopted Thor, a friendly Pit Bull, from Sammie’s Friends, a rescue in Grass Valley, California for her son and herself. But at the time, she had no way of knowing he would become a life-saver.

Danielle suffers from epileptic seizures and shortly after she adopted Thor, he jumped into her lap and started barking as if trying to get her attention.

“I didn’t know what was going on, I thought something was maybe wrong with him, and about 10 to 15 minutes later I had a seizure,” Danielle told CBS News.

He did the same thing 8 times over 2 months. Danielle and Thor didn’t know it, but he was detecting her seizures before they happened just like a trained service animal. Now, Thor’s hidden talent is no longer a secret, he is being officially trained as her service dog.

thor the pit bull

“I feel so much more comfortable going out in public and going to do things, because when you’re an epileptic, you don’t have control over your own body,” Danielle told the news channel. Thor (previously named Blue Sox) spent several months waiting to be adopted, according to Sammie’s Friends.  Sammie’s Friends shared on Facebook how proud they are of Thor:

“Remember Blue Sox? He spent many many months waiting to be adopted. This is an incredible and inspiring story. Dogs get abandoned and dumped in shelters every single day. Many are euthanized all across the country (and the world). It’s a shame. Every dog is special in our eyes. We do what we do at Sammie’s Friends because we believe in them, because we love them. This story makes it all worth while. All dogs are all capable of extraordinary love. Way to go Blue Sox.”

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