When Seconds Count, A German Shepherd Rescue

Sterling the German Shepherd Dog had only seconds to spare before he was going to be euthanized, but thanks to one foster family, he now has a second chance.

When the German Shepherd mix landed at the county shelter on January 28, 2014 he had severe pyoderma, visible bones protruding through his dirty coat and he was understandably scared. With a review date of February 1st, he found himself on the euthanasia list for the following day. He was being held behind the double gates, meaning he wouldn’t be shown to the public and not made available for adoption. Rescue was his only way out of the shelter, the only way he was going to survive.

Thanks to an amazing family who offered to open their hearts and home to foster this boy, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue was able to save him with only seconds to spare.

Not even 24 hours after being sprung from the shelter, Sterling’s foster family captured this heartwarming video:

Everyone deserves a second chance and foster homes make that possible! Sterling is a love who adores kids, other dogs and even cats. He’s house trained and adjusting very well to his new environment. With some medicated baths and a couple of vet appointments, he was soon ready for adoption.

Sterling was probably an outside dog in his previous life, but he quickly adjusted to his foster home. “A super sweet boy, Sterling loves people and other animals, loves to play and also loves to snuggle on the couch and hang out with his human,” wrote Coastal GSR. “He’s an all around awesome boy with a zest for life and good conversation!”

Editor’s note: Sterling did find his forever home ten months later in November of 2014.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC saves dogs from shelters (and other unfortunate circumstances) all over the Southern California area. Looking for a new family member? Coastal GSR saves not only German Shepherds, but GSD mixes, as well as many more!

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