Sweet Pup Riddled with Pellets and Hit by Car On Her Way To Better Life

A small stray dog, only around a year old, was struggling to survive in a small village in Greece, when her life took a cruel turn. Hit by a car, the poor dog’s paw was badly injured when DAR Animal Rescue was called to help her.

But they were in for a sad surprise when they brought the dog in for x-rays and medical treatment for her foot. The poor dog, who they named Peggy, was riddled with pellets! Some awful person had shot her all over her body!

After a few days of treatment, the little dog returned to the village where she had been found. But this time to be fostered by the kind woman who had been feeding her and called DAR Animal Rescue. Soon she will be ready for her forever home! To find out more about dogs available for adoption with DAR Animal Rescue visit them on Facebook.

Ermioni Giannakou, the founder of DAR Animal Rescue, said on Facebook that Peggy continues to thrive in foster care and she is impressed by Peggy’s recovery. “It really shows the resilience these dogs have… their ability to trust and wag their tail when they see you after they’ve suffered so much mistreatment from people never fails to amaze me. Peggy may be small, but she has the heart and courage of a lion!”

She added, “Once again, it’s only thanks to you and your support that we were able to help her, your donations paid for the veterinary care, the medication, even the carry box to transport her, we can only help because of your help, so thank you.”

“We will be able to offer Peggy, who has a beautiful character, for adoption. If you are interested, please email rehoming (at) diasozoanimalrescue.com.”

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