Stray Dog with Embedded Wire Around His Leg Gets the Help He Needs

DAR Animal Rescue new it was going to be a difficult situation when they were informed about a large stray dog that had an embedded wire around his front leg. They were contacted by a group who look after the street animals in the town that he needed medical care.

“It wasn’t easy to catch him, he was suffering, he was in pain, he was in fear,” Ermioni with DAR Animal Rescue wrote on YouTube. But with a dedicated group of rescuers they got to work.

“Samson” (as they named him) had fallen into a dry canal and it took 10 people to lift him out. As soon as they arrived at the vet they realized just how severe his injury was.

The snare was for wild pigs and is illegal in Greece. It wasn’t easy to remove the wire, which had become embedded in his leg. The wire is made of steel and tied tight around Samson’s leg.

Sadly, they had to remove his leg but he has healed and fully recovered. They brought him back to his neighborhood where he could rejoin his friends.

“Today he is neutered, healthy and happy even though still a stray. He will have our attention, of course, always.” And there are people taking care of the stray animals in the area where he lives.

Not every dog living on the streets in Greece can go to the shelter or are deemed adoptable. But thankfully with Samson being watched and fed by the animal lovers in his neighborhood and DAR Animal Rescue he’ll be well cared for. And seeing his spirits lift when he returns home to his pack is uplifting to see.

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