Rescuer Chases After Dog Dodging Across Dangerous Highway

Rescuers had a heart-pounding experience trying to rescue a dog from a highway in St. Louis after the dog darted across the freeway. Donna with Stray Rescue of St. Louis pulled up alongside the dog, who was hugging the freeway wall. But just as she was about to exit the truck, “Dodge” ran across the road, sending Donna and her fellow rescuer into a panic.

But “Dodge” – by some miracle – makes it across without getting hit, prompting Donna to follow. He sure is happy to see Donna when she crosses the freeway to rescue him.

Said Stray Rescue, “Highway rescues are the worst – so much can go wrong!”

Both Dodge and Donna so relieved when they make it safely back to the car. And both are so lucky!

Stray Rescue later wrote on Facebook, “He drank an entire bucket of water when we got to Stray Rescue!! We swear he crossed the street and thought to himself….wait a minute, these people want to help me! I better go back!”

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