Puppy Shot in The Face for Being ‘Too Happy’ All The Time Gets a New Life

Hikers in Greece were shocked by when they found Ice on a mountain. The dog was tied to a tree and had been shot in the face days before. The Orphan Pet reveals Ice was only seven months old at the time. Rescuers were shocked to learn that Ice’s owner was the who shot him in the face and the reason he gave was that he was annoyed by Ice being “too happy” all the time.

By the time Ice was rescued by Save a Greek Stray he nearly lost his life to infection. But he survived thanks to the care he received. Ice would undergo many surgeries to reconstruct his face, but Ice never lost his friendly disposition.

After four months of recovery and a lot of coverage in the media, Ice was ready for his forever home. But he was passed over. He remained at the shelter for a year before he captured the attention of a family in the UK. Soon after Ice moved to the UK to begin his new life as a loved and cherished family member!

His “proud mum and dad” commented on The Orphan Pet’s video to provide an update on the pup. “Ice is doing very well, he loves to play with his springer spaniel brother. He loves his chews, treats and bones to gnaw on. He’s putting steady weight on and has plenty of exercise down at the beach and at the park. He’s making friends with other doggies every day. He is definitely a daddy’s dog!!!”

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