Puppy Screams for Help After Getting Stuck in Rock-Solid Tar

A puppy screamed for help because she was stuck in tar and couldn’t get out. Two of her siblings had already perished, but two had managed to escape, leaving her alone and fending for her life. That’s when Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the scene. They wrote:

“Three gorgeous puppies were encased in hardened road tar when our rescue team arrived, and their sibling had died from the toxic hardened tar. Two of the three had made their way back to their mother with tar over half their little bodies.”

Rescuers explained that one remained stuck to the earth. To avoid “pulling her skin off” they cut through stone and pried the big slab of stone she was stuck to loose.

They carried her back to their hospital along with her two siblings and spent hours cleaning them.

“The puppies’ little faces could not have looked more forlorn,” Animal Aid Unlimited said of their tiny charges. “By the time the tar was removed, they were soooo exhausted.”

But after being cleaned and getting a good night’s sleep, the puppies were back to playing and filled with joy.

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