Puppy Got Her Head Stuck in Tire Freed Thanks to Team Effort

A tiny puppy that got stuck inside a spare tire was freed thanks to a team effort determined to save her. Riverside County Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros responded to a call in Coachella, Calif. about the 3-month-old Australian cattle dog.

At first he tried to use oil to lubricate the pup’s head and attempted to slip the head through the way it came. However, the puppy had a swelling in her neck that made it impossible.

That’s when he brought the puppy to Coachella Valley Animal Campus to consult his colleagues with the Veterinary Services Division.

The puppy was sedated and the CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire was called for help. Firefighters from Riverside County Fire Station No. 69 in Rancho Mirage quickly came to help use a sawzall to cut the wheel and make it easier to pull the puppy out.

To see the full rescue, watch the video below.

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