PitBull with Doleful Eyes Unsure if She Can Trust Rescuers Takes Leap of Faith

As a stray Pit Bull darted through traffic towards an abandoned home, a Good Samaritan in the neighborhood spotted her and noticed the deep gash around her neck. Shortly after, Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a phone call from Sheila, the woman who had seen the injured dog.

Donna and the rescue dispatch team headed out to rescue the stray, but the dog wasn’t so sure if she could trust the soft-speaking Donna.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

After some gentle coaxing, the white and tan Pit Bull decided to sit by a car and try her luck. Her sad, expressive eyes looked up at Donna with a look of uncertainty, hoping she could trust her. Thankfully, she took a chance.

Once she’s safely in the car, the dog (now named Minka) feels safe enough to relax. She is so exhausted from life on the street that she can barely stay away as she rests her head on the armrest.

It’s at the trauma center that rescuers determine some kind of nasty pinch collar caused wounds so deep that they can’t be sutured. But it’s amazing to see the change in Minka’s mood just a day later! Just wait until you see in the video below:

Minka will continue with her veterinary care as she’s not “out of the woods” yet. Her bandages will be changed daily and she is on antibiotics to fight infection. But we can see from the light in her eyes now that she has a reason to live. Are we’re sure her rescuers will do everything in their power to make her well again.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

If you would like to help with Minka’s care visit Stray Rescue’s website to make a donation.

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