Paralyzed Dog Found With Legs Tied Growls At Rescuers, But Their Patience Pays Off

A street dog found with his back legs bound and paralyzed was suffering greatly when rescuers first found him. But thanks to their efforts, “Comfy” would find the inner strength to be able walk again.

Says Animal Aid Unlimited, India, “We don’t know what caused this sweetheart’s injury. His spine was hurt; he could not stand. His legs were limp and useless, and someone had loosely tied them together; we don’t know why.”

Comfy certainly had a story to tell. While back at their shelter he seemed to be ready to take his medicine. But not so fast…

“At first, rigid with pain, he merely endured his initial assessment, but ate with so much relaxed enthusiasm that we named him Comfy.”

“Some time later, though, feeling a bit better, he let us know that perhaps we had named him “Comfy” too soon. He told us we were not welcome to touch him. He growled. He barked. And he kept it up for a while. We knew that without physiotherapy he might never walk again, but how could we manage it if he wouldn’t let us touch him?”

Thankfully, their persistence and patience paid off and almost half a year later, Comfy would take his first steps! Take a look at Comfy’s amazing transition from paralyzed to fully mobile and happy.

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