Dog Tracks Down Her Owner At Walmart Three Weeks After Disappearing

A rescue dog missing for three weeks tracked down her owner to the Walmart where she works. June Rountree’s 4-year-old dog Abby went missing from her backyard on November 8th. The dog slipped her collar and disappeared without a trace.

She and her husband searched the neighborhood and called the shelter but no one had seen Abby. Three weeks later, co-worker Danielle Robinette was also working the shift at the Dothan, Alabama Walmart where she and Rountree work when she saw a small dog running through the store. She noticed the dog did not have a collar or service dog vest. She noticed the dog frantically looking at people and followed her over to the cashier station.

“I looked up and seen this black dog go running by she was looking at everyone like she was looking for someone I first thought she was dumped and she was looking for her people,” Robinette wrote on Facebook. “Well she was! She ran right up too Mrs June one of the cashiers she was so happy and started crying saying she had been missing for 3 weeks!”

Rountree was surprised by the dog showing up. “I was just in shock. I looked down at her and I couldn’t believe it,” Rountree told Tulsa World. She had no idea how Abby knew she worked there and traveled the 1.7 miles to find her.

Rountree had rescued Abby after finding the 1-year-old dog as a stray. Rountree told the newspaper that as soon as Abby got home she went right to sleep in her dog bed after being happily greeted by the family’s other dog.

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