Irresponsible Neighbor Taught a Lesson After Her Dog Attacks Woman and Sweet Dog

No dog lover wants to experience a dog attack. But when it happens, you would want the aggressive dog’s owner to at least be responsible for their dog’s actions and assist, if not pay, for any ensuing veterinarian costs.

But as one woman learned from experience, that doesn’t always happen. Redditor OkReading shared her story of how she ended up suing a neighbor after the neighbor refused to pay $400 in vet’s bills.

Redditor OKReading was out on a daily walk with her Golden Retriever when a neighbor’s English Mastiff ignored the Invisible fence around her yard and charged at them, biting both her and her dog. But when OKReading forwarded her dog’s vet bill, the English Mastiff’s owner refused to pay. That’s when she took matters into her own hands.

Here’s the story in full:

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Your dog bites me and my dog, and you try to avoid responsibility? See you in court. (Long) from r/ProRevenge

Snow Boi from u/OkReading

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