Puppy Tries To Greet Her Rescuers But Her Deadly Wounds Stop Her

A poor puppy battled to stay alive after she was attacked by a wild animal and got a deadly bite wound to her neck. The wounds to her neck had left her with nerve damage and infection had caused her head to swell.

Her wounds were so bad that she could barely move and the raging infection put her in critical condition. Thank goodness Animal Aid Unlimited was there to help her.

“She had deep bite wounds at the top of her head and under her throat which caused swelling and infection,” the rescue group in India writes. “Her tail wagged a little and she tried to greet her rescuers but she couldn’t even lift her head.”

Thanks to her rescuers, this young pup would to get a fighting chance! Sprinkles returned to her family and was joyously reunited with her mama and siblings.

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