Husky Spooked By Fireworks Cries Like A Baby When His Mom Finds Him Moments After Rescuer

A Husky who got spooked by fireworks and ended up at the LA River was rescued thanks to Hope For Paws.

Eldad Hagar received a phone call about a dog in trouble. The Husky’s paw was hurt and he was hopping through the dense vegetation. Luckily two volunteers helped Eldad in keeping the dog from running too far away. In the midst of his rescue, Eldad is told the dog’s owner was in the area looking for him. Moments later Khrystal appears calling the dog’s name.

Sawyer was dehydrated and confused at first, but when he finally recognizes his mom he starts crying.

Watch their wonderful reunion in the video below.

After posting the video, Eldad wants to remind everyone to please keep their pets safe, especially with firework holidays approaching. “I would LOVE IT if you could share this video and ask your family and friends to protect their pets,” he wrote. “We just helped save the life of a dog who also was spooked by fireworks and ended up with THREE BROKEN LEGS!”

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