Husband Shocked When Their Tiny ‘Terrier’ Turns Out to Be Giant Great Dane

When Sue told her husband Robert she wanted to get a puppy, his one stipulation for her was that she bring home a small dog. When Sue saw Yogi Bear she immediately fell in love with a small puppy. She brought Yogi home and told Robert Yogi was a Jack Russell Terrier.

That was actually a “little white lie”, because it turns out Yogi was, in fact, a Great Dane.

As months past, Yogi grew bigger and when he was 5 months old Robert knew he had been duped by his wife. Yogi was not going to be a 20 pound dog. Try 200 pounds instead!


In the end, Robert didn’t mind his wife’s deception, having fallen in love with the dog. And there’s a lot of Yogi Bear to love! According to the Daily Mail, Yogi is one of the largest dogs in the UK and goes through roughly $200 of food every month. He also has to wear a horse coat outside when it’s cold outside.

Ten years on, Yogi befriended an older stray cat that kept on showing up at their house. The cat has joined the family and two old-timers curl up for naps together.

Yogi is not only huge in stature, but he’s also a big softie and loves nothing more than lounging on the couch with his family.

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