Heroic Dog Who Dragged Injured Owner from Burning Home Honored

Chris Larocque, said he would not be alive today had it not been for his Bernese Mountain Dog Bella’s act of bravery. Bella was honored for her courage, determination and fearless devotion, after being inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada.


One afternoon in November, Chris was home alone and while checking on his lunch in the oven, an ankle injury that he had sustained from a past automobile accident acted up. His ankle gave out and he fell, hitting his head. On the way down, the cloth he had in his hand grazed the elements in the oven and caught fire, quickly moving up his arm, and onto his clothing. In desperation, he removed his shirt and threw it against the wall, causing the kitchen walls to catch fire.

Purina Animal Hall of Fame

Chris quickly realized he couldn’t get up on his own because of his injuries so he desperately called for his dog Bella. Fortunately, he was able to grab onto Bella’s collar and, with his coaching, she pulled him out of the burning house. Without Bella, there is no doubt in Chris’ mind – or his family’s – that the house would have burned down with him still in it and he wouldn’t be here today.

Bella was honored for her heroism

Purina Animal Hall of Fame

“Without Bella’s devotion, strength and courage I would have died in the fire that destroyed my home,” said Chris. “She is truly our family hero, and we’re so happy that Bella is being recognized for her life-saving efforts by the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.”

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