Eyeless Puppy Felt Lonely Until She Found Her Best Friend

When Cory saw Puddin at the shelter he knew he wanted to adopt the eyeless dog. He fell in love with her adorable floppy ears and her happy disposition. The moment he brought her home she was ready to go. “She was so ready to experience the world and have a great time,” Cory says. And you sure see that in the video clips he shares.

Puddin immediately made herself at home and was asking “what can I eat? Where do I sleep?”

Puddin has never let having no eyes affect what she does. Sure, there are challenges. But Puddin relies on her sense of smell and she also likes to put everything into her mouth.

She also loves to play fetch (balls with bells) and loves all her doggie friends. But the friend she loves hanging out with the most is her dad Cory.

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