Small Stray Dog So Itchy He Could Not Calm Down When Rescuers Arrived

A small, sick dog appeared out of nowhere in front of a hospital. Thankfully, someone notified D.A.R. Animal Rescue. Ermioni, co-founder of the rescue, arrived and called to the dog who barked at them as they approached.

She attempted to entice “Alfie” over with food, but he didn’t take the bait. Instead, she followed after him as he moved away and scrounged for more food.

Small dog was found in terrible condition, scared and alone

D.A.R. Animal Rescue

When he stopped to eat a piece of bread he found, Ermioni improvised and threw her jacket overtop of his head.

The surprise worked and she was able to catch him and bring him to the vet. Alfie is about 10-12 months old and sick with scabies (mange) and anaplasmosis.

He couldn’t calm down for a minute because he was so itchy from the scabies. But as he started to feel better he began to adjust to the shelter.

A few months later, Alfie has gotten his fur back and has a new attitude. He can concentrate on something other than itching and is a happy, friendly pup.

Alfie is now looking for his forever home. If you would like to adopt Alfie reach out to DAR Animal Rescue and consider making a donation in support of the work they do.

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