Dog Protects His Owner from Armed Robber

Twenty-one-year-old Justin Ireland has his dog, Thor, to thank for protecting him from an armed robber attempting to rob the gas station where he was working.

Justin was working a Holly’s Gas in Saco, Maine, when a man came to the office and asked if he could use his phone. The man’s face was partially covered, which Ireland assumed was to protect him against the cold.

Thor, a Boxer/Pit Bull mix, was excited someone was at the door and wanted to run outside and greet the visitor. Justin held back Thor and told the man he could not let him use the phone, at which point the man suddenly pulled out a gun, pushed Justin and demanded money.

Justin told Portland Press Herald that he was scared at first, but he instantly recognized that the gun was likely a BB gun and at that point he “went from nervous to pissed off”.

But the robber threatened it was real and made a move on Justin again. This time, Thor leapt to Justin’s defense and lunged at the man. Security tape footage (see below) shows that Thor managed to bite the man twice on the face, but Justin told the newspaper that doesn’t believe that Thor broke any skin.

The man ran away after being attacked by Thor and escaped in a newer model Chevrolet Silverado extended cab pickup truck. Police opened an investigation to capture the would-be thief.

Justin made sure to reward the dog he had adopted when he was about a year old and destined for a shelter. Thor got a big bone to enjoy and someone has already stopped by to give Thor a bag of treats!

Below is the video surveillance footage of the attempted robbery and Thor in action.

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