Grieving Mother Dog Buries Her Deceased Puppy

A grieving mother dog was filmed burying her puppy after it passed away. The video, shot in Binmaley, Philippines, shows a small black and white dog covering the puppy with dirt using her snout. She digs at the hole to ensure her baby is covered properly.

Although it isn’t clear if the dog is one of the millions of street dogs in the Philippines, the videographer says that the dog’s puppy died from lack of nutrients.

In the past, videos of mother dogs burying their young has been explained as an ancient canine behavior. Dog behaviorists indicate that dogs sometimes bury their food to keep it away from scavengers and other members of the pack.

However, there are also many numerous scientific studies that indicate dogs grieve like humans and will often not eat and become depressed.

There are also many examples in stories related by dog owners and animal rescuers. A heartbroken Pit Bull found love with an orphaned puppy after losing her own puppies and a friendly duck helped a dog grieving the loss of his best friend.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try the version below:

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