Dog Abandoned On Rural Road Waits 9 Hours For Owner To Return

A dog abandoned on a rural road is on to a better life and his owner is on his way to court thanks to swift action by rescuers.

The cattle dog was cruelly dumped by a man on a rural road outside Tusla, Oklahoma on April 19, 2020. Confused as to what was happening, the dog stayed where he was left for nine hours, waiting for his owner to return.

Fortunately for the dog, trail cameras were rolling at the time of him being dumped and word got to Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. They posted the following information to their Facebook page:

This is absolutely not ok. Dumping a poor defenseless animal in the middle of nowhere and driving away is cruel.

“While we understand that people may be struggling to care for their pets due to COVID, there are resources and organizations here to help, including us. Doing this to [a] living, feeling being should never be the answer.

“This beautiful dog was taken to a rural area and abandoned by someone he likely trusted. The dog waited 9 hours for his person to return. His person didn’t.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

“OAA’s rescue team headed out and picked up the pup (now Rocket).

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

“We will ensure he is vetted and has a full belly and a safe warm place to rest his head. We will ensure he never suffers this fate again.”

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

The rescue group was also quick to point out how easily things could have gone terribly wrong for Rocket.

Rocket was lucky. Trail cameras caught the act in progress, and rescuers were able to respond. If cameras weren’t rolling, who knows what fate would have befallen Rocket. If you recognize the individual pictured, please send us a message to let us know. We’d like to tell our police friends about him.”

It didn’t take long for the investigation to be completed. OAA reported a few days later that the person who had dumped Rocket had been identified by Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. OAA wrote that the individual “received a criminal citation to appear in court where they will determine punishment.”

In the meantime, Rocket is lapping up the attention at the shelter. “As you can see, Rocket is safe, happy, and pretty smitten with his rescuer Tina,” said OAA, sharing a photo.

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Rocket is also pitching in to help OAA with their food drive. OAA wants to let everyone in their area know that if they need help feeding a pet, please reach out.

If you would like to donate toward vetting and boarding for Rocket, you can do at OAA’s website.

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