Couple Gets Loving New Pet After Saving Sick Stray Dog from Traffic

A dog named Flint was in an extremely dangerous situation when he was rescued by a Good Samaritan. Luckily for the stray Pit Bull, he was rescued in the nick of time and went on to find a permanent home with his rescuer.

Flint when he was found and rescued (top). And after (bottom).

His new family shared their story of how they came to save Flint and how he ended up becoming a treasured member of their family:

“My fiancée left for work one morning, and not 5 minutes later I get a call from her. She came across this poor, obliviously unaware dog in the middle of the street, who almost got hit by one or two cars.”

“She couldn’t seem to say no to this dog, and pulled aside to get his attention, just as another driver nearly hits him. She just really couldn’t let him end up dead, and honestly, I have no doubt he would have died had we not decided to help.”

“Now, this isn’t something we go around doing all the time. She just could NOT say no. So, we took him to my place nearby, and bathed of the hundreds of fleas that were on him. It took about 3 re-washes with flea killer shampoo.”

Flint was rescued from the middle of the road, neglected and starving.

“It was obvious he could use some food, so I bought a large can of dog food at a nearby convenient store and fed him. We took him to the vet to get a full examination and some meds for what he could take at that moment. He had heart worms, as well as two other types of worms (I forget exactly what, but one was rare, though treatable).”

Flint was rescued from the middle of the road, neglected and starving

Flint with Brooklyn Jett, his super sweet pit bull sister.

“After meds, shots, pre-meds, fattening up a little, pre-heartworm treatment, slightly more fattening, full heartworm treatment, and much patience (and money), Flint made it through everything.”

“Heartworm and ailment free, his entire shiny coat is fully grown, and he’s the most overbearingly loving potato of a pet that is our dog.”

Flint is one wonderfully lucky dog and it’s obvious his new famly adore him! It’s amazing what can happen when you take a few minutes to help an animal in need!

Reprinted with permission of Flint’s family, Mar17, 2014

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