Chihuahua Misses His Doberman Sister Away at Hospital

When Ramsey the Doberman Pinscher became ill and needed emergency surgery, her dad was very worried for her. But he wasn’t the only one. Pablo the Chihuahua missed his sister terribly and anxiously awaited her return.

Dad, Chad Dressen, took a video of him talking to Pablo about Ramsey. He is reassuring his small pup, telling the concerned dog that his friend will be back tomorrow.

The good news is Ramsey pulled and I’m sure Pablo was super happy to see her when she came home!

pablo and ramsey

This video was taken many years ago, and Ramsey and Pablo spent several more happy years together before Ramsey passed away suddenly. Pablo had a long and loving life and passed away in November 2019.

Dressen said, “We spent everyday together for the last sixteen years and it still wasn’t enough time. Forever wouldn’t have been enough time. It’s ironic how something so small can leave such a big hole in your heart. At least you’re back together with Ramsey. I miss you already, bud.”

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