Dog Loves Digging Ditches When Water Dumped On The Ground

An Australian Cattle Dog has an unusual activity that keeps her dying grandfather very amused.  Sissy is busy working every day by her dad’s side on their horse farm in Stokesdale, North Carolina. But she also gets time off to have some fun and what she really loves to do is dig ditches! Her dad explains:

“Sissy is an almost 4 y/o cattle dog that is obsessed with water when you dump it out of water troughs or buckets. She’s a very quirky dog.

“My father is dying of ALS and the TikTok was started because he loves this dog. I would make videos to send him and one day after receiving one he called to say that I should put her on the internet because the world should see her.”

Just look at her go! She’s so good at it that we’d say she’s a landscaper as well as a herder!

Sissy’s dad adds that she “lives the best life a dog ever could want.”

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