Abandoned, Starving Dog Trusts Her Rescuer Instantly

A dog left to starve on the side of a rural road is recovering thanks to a Good Samaritan who spotted her.

The kind woman contacted Ermioni at Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR Rescue) in Greece for help. While in her car, Ermioni explains in the video below that she is following the woman  to the remote place outside the city where the dog had been abandoned.

When Ermioni arrives, she sees that the poor dog is in poor condition. It being the middle of a hot summer, “Tasia” was being swarmed by flies. Fortunately, Tasia had access to water at a nearby fountain, but it was clear from her emaciated frame, she had not eaten in a long time.

Despite her poor condition, Tasia wags her tail when Ermioni approaches her and she is so happy to see Ermioni that she stares directly up into her rescuer’s eyes with an intense trust and love. It’s a truly touching to see that Tasia still trusts humans despite her cruel treatment.

Ermioni notices Tasia has a collar on and scans the dog for a microchip. She later wrote, “We believe she was [previously owned] because she had a collar around her neck but unfortunately she had no phone number or microchip number. Probably she got sick and then abandoned.”

Ermioni quickly gets Tasia into a crate to take her to the vet.

DAR Rescue

Like many stray dogs in the Mediterranean, Tasia tested positive for Leishmaniasis and heartworm. But she is undergoing treatment and is now at DAR Rescue’s shelter.

Says Ermioni, “Tasia continues her therapies in the shelter with vet instructions. Her treatments will take months before she feels healthy again. She is a lovely girl with a wonderful character. We can’t wait to see her transformation and find out what breed she is. At the moment we can only guess and we guess she is a setter dog.”

DAR Rescue

While her body mends, Ermioni plans on spending lots more time with Tasia, singing to her and giving her lots of love to help her heal even faster!

You can support DAR Rescue by visiting their Facebook page and making a donation.

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