Abandoned Mama Dog Struggles to Feed Her Puppies

A mother dog who had given birth in a rural field was struggling to feed her puppies and keep them safe. Thankfully, a kind woman spotted the dog and called DAR Animal Rescue to ask for their help.

When the Greek animal rescuers arrived to rescue the dogs they discovered the mother dog had hidden her puppies under a water tank while she searched for food. According to the Good Samaritan, the mama would go around the village begging for food and scrounging in the garbage so she could eat enough to produce milk to feed her young.

Ermioni with DAR Rescue could tell the puppies were hungry and coaxed them out from under the water cistern with food. Ermioni gathered the pups into her arms even though they weren’t too happy to be picked up. Suddenly, Ermioni heard loud barking – it was the mama dog who came back to check on her babies. But the mama must have been starving and protective of her puppies because she followed Ermioni back to the car.

That’s when Ermioni tried to lure the mama into the kennel. She placed the pups and some food inside, but the mama dog was very skittish. The poor girl had her tail between her legs, she was so scared. But little did she know that everything was about to get a whole lot better for her and her pups….

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