Abandoned Dog Spends Week In Parking Lot Waiting For Owner Who Never Returned

An abandoned dog spent a week in a parking lot waiting for her owners to return. They never did. Instead, she wandered around the Brundage Walmart parking lot in California scrounging scraps of food from Good Samaritans and looking for her family.

People posted pictures of the dog on social media and wrote “Like a week ago maybe some a*** dropped their dog off in our parking lot…poor baby never left, waiting for her owner to come back. This is too sad it breaks my heart.” That’s how Danny from A Safefurr Place Rescue learned about ‘Panda’.

Others had tried to catch her but every time they approached Panda she would flee into the busy street. Danny opted to try and rescue her at night when there wasn’t traffic in the parking lot and the nearby roads were less busy. He brought food for her and that’s when he realized there was a male pit bull also hanging out at the parking lot who was more scared than Panda.

Safefurr Place Rescue

So Danny lured both of them to more secluded part of parking lot to try and earn their trust. But when he ran out of food the dogs would no longer approach him. Danny had to return the next night and that’s when he discovered he was not alone in trying to rescue the dogs. Leslie Nielson, from Rescuing Abandoned Dogs, had also been trying to catch Panda and she nearly had.

The two began to work together to come up with a plan. That night and the following night, they tried to catch Panda.

Working together they caught her!

Leslie fostered Panda for a week before arranging for Panda to be transferred to Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society after which Panda quickly found a forever home! She’s now living a great life and has another dog companion!

Safefurr Place Rescue

As for the Pit Bull, Danny mentioned that the Pit bull disappeared on the first night and he and Leslie returned to the area during and after Panda’s rescue to try and find him but they never did. “He wasn’t found dead in the street either,” clarifies Danny. “That is why we hope/assume that he lived in the neighborhood and returned home. Otherwise, we’re sure we would’ve found him again. We do not discriminate against pit bulls, as seen in our other videos.”

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