Stray Dog is So Afraid He Tries to Bite Rescuer But She Refuses to Give Up

No one had called them. He had not appeared on social media. But he was lost or abandoned. And he was certainly a stray.

DAR Rescue in Greece were out on on another rescue call when they spotted a bedraggled small dog on the sidewalk. His hair was severely matted and he looked lost and alone. Despite his obviously poor health, when Ermione (DAR Rescue’s founder) tries to approach him he lunges and attempts to bite her.

Even though she is afraid he would try and bite her again, Ermione takes the risk because she doesn’t want to leave him behind.

DAR Rescue

The poor dog must have been in so much pain from the severe mats in his fur.

DAR Rescue

Once he is given a shave at the veterinarian, the dog is pounds lighter and looks relieved that he can now walk without pain. He still seems timid but at least he is a more receptive to getting attention. But it is shortly after this that our hearts burst. Stay tuned until the end of the video to see where this fellow ended up.

And thanks to DAR Rescue‘s efforts this little guy already has a forever home.

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