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Faithful dog refuses to leave his owner's graveside for six years

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (30)

Capitán loyally by the graveside of his master (Photo: La Voz)
Capitán stays faithfully on vigil by his owner's graveside. Photo credit: La Voz

For six years, a dog named Capitán has stayed by his owner's graveside in Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, Argentina. Every day at 6pm, he lays by Miguel Guzmán's headstone, on faithful vigil.

The dog's remarkable story of loyalty began on March 24, 2006, when Miguel, who was Capitán's owner, passed away. As soon as Capitán realized Miguel was no longer at home, he left to search for him and miraculously managed to find Miguel's grave in the nearby cemetery. Since then, the dog has stayed by his deceased owner's side and refuses to return home.

Miguel had brought Capitán, a German Shepherd mix, home as a surprise for his son Damián in 2005. His wife Veronica told La Voz that when Capitán disappeared just after her husband’s death, she and her son searched for him, but were unable to find him. They thought he may have died or been adopted by another family.

Captain loyally by the graveside of his master (Photo: La Voz)
Photo credit: La Voz

But soon after, when Damien went to visit his father in the cemetery, there was Capitán! No one could explain how Capitán had discovered where Miguel was resting, but he had. The family had a joyful reunion but when they tried to bring Capitán home, he refused. Veronica and Miguel tried several times, but Capitán would not leave. He would sometimes follow them home for a short time, but then Capitán would always return to the cemetery.

The cemetery is now considered home for Capitán. According to cemetery director, Hector Baccega, the dog has earned the affection of precinct workers and cemetery caretakers, who make sure he is fed and kept up-to-date on his immunizations. At one point, Capitán had broken his front leg, so a vet was called over to give Capitán care.

Captain loyally by the graveside of his master (Photo: La Voz)
Photo credit: La Voz

Capitán will occassionally go to his old home to visit Veronica and Damien. However, Veronica said she has come to accept that Capitán does not want to stay home and that he wishes to stay close to his best friend. Damien, now 13, also recognizes Capitán is caring for his dad. Damien admits he had wanted to bring Capitán home to stay over the years, but knows the dog will want to return to his dad's side.

Hector Baccega said that Capitán walks with him through the cemetery every day, but when the early evening approaches, he goes to Miguel's tomb and lays down next to the headstone. Hector feels the amazing dog is sharing a valuable lesson with humans – to appreciate the memories of the dearly departed.

Captain loyally by the graveside of his master (Photo: La Voz)
Photo credit: La Voz

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Comments on this Article

Oh, you folks are heartless. Gorgeous dog with a huge heart. And WELL CARED FOR. Give it a rest, complainers.
What an outstanding display of loyalty! I am glad that the folks at the cemetery are taking care of Capitan! He looks well taken cared of. I wonder if he is still alive?
Keep stay healthy capitán! Thank you for the graveyard keeper for always keep an eye to you, hope one day loooooong time from now when you cross rainbow bridge, they will buried you near from your master, place you always want to be :). Prayers and love for you, stay safe and healthy please!
I don't know why you guys are arguing about this. It's a nice story about a dog in Argentina. Unless one of you actually knows the family or has hung out with the dog, you can't really make any truly realistic judgments about the situation. We only have whatever the article has told us. And it's a nice story. So shut up already.
kel bel It's called love and freedom.
This story has been circulated quite awhile now. How old is this dog? Is he still around? Update pls.
some of ya jus dont get it yyep u can restrain n keep dog at home wheras he wont be happy hes not bothering anyone his master musta been one kool dude ta deserve the love hes getting which is the love he is given now you dont own ur dog if respect is deserved this is what happens unconditional love n respect as reading a few stories your dogs wouldnt do this fer u jus like another man was taken to a hospital where he was admitted after a few days the dog disapeeared but showed up across street from hospital and was allowed to see his master which bebifited both dog traveled 2-4 miles n found his master if your lucky once in ur life u will be owned by a dog or cat such as did
ariel, i read the story. the dog didn't break his leg, he was run over- did YOU read the story? my point, which is really escaping you, is that my dog doesn't always want to be at home- she would rather walk herself to the park. she is not allowed to walk herself to the park, she doesn't get to live her life exactly the way she wants because, just like a teenager, dogs need boundaries. i cannot believe i'm having this discussion. wow. i think you guys should all just set your dogs free. lol that's what they would want, right?
if you read the story you would know the dog is being cared for they tried to make him leave he does go with them at times but goes back to the grave no one can really force him to leave he continues going there because thats his owner if you're gonna argue with people at least make sure you have really read and understand the story -___- the dog broke its leg for example they took him to the vet like i have stated he is cared for by the employees and his own family they didnt abandon him they go there and see the dog.
carole & maggie: you are proving my point about responsible dog stewardship. are you telling me that should you die, it would be perfectly ok for your pet(s) to basically live at your grave and if they get run over by a car, that's just how it is, and that's just a dog expressing its loyalty to the owner....ugh. being in rescue, i see all types. sometimes even people with good hearts that don't even understand the idea behind, or importance of keeping an animal safe. it boggles the mind. "what are they supposed to do, tie the dog up at home?" UM, YES. it's called responsible dog stewardship. i don't let my animals wander the neighborhood- and neither should you advocate for it.
I have to side with Maggie on this one Kel. The family DID try to bring the dog home several times. The dog refused to stay and kept returning to her master's grave. What were they to do : tie the dog in one place at their home? Well, believe what you will. I know what I will choose to believe.
Kel Bel....no one MADE this dog stay at the grave site every day....and the rest of his family TRIED to bring him back home....but,he WANTED to be with his main owner!....dogs(and cats) are smart and loyal like that...I know because I used to have an Assistance Dog and I now have 3 shelter cats.When I had my dog,whenever I was sick and at home,she would lay by my bed and would not go to eat at all,even with my mom trying to convince her as much as she could. And more recently,I was in the hospital for 4 months and my cats hardly ate much (maybe once a day) while I was gone,because they missed me so much!....and when I got home,they were jumping all over me,and kept watching me like a hawk every time I went near the door....it is just what animals do!
This touched me very much! However, I have to agree living outside for any animal is not only unsafe, buy unrealistic. I feel the dog should have been brought back home and perhaps taking him to the cemetery for walks!! I understand dogs have a great sense of scent, especially shepherds' but.....................All I can say is what a faithful companion he is.
OMG!!!!! What an incredible story. My heart goes out to that sweet dog!!!! We could only hope that we will touch someone or somethings heart as this man apparently has, To have such a loving and devoted friend, God bless you Captain!!!!!
heartless? as if! if you spent as many hours as i do foster & rescue, you would understand my point. there is not a thing self-righteous about it. no one has the *right* to 'own' a dog (or any animal, for that matter). it is a privilege. many people would like to drive a mercedes. yet you can only have one if you can afford to take care of one. does than make more sense? if you are never home, but you provide shelter, is that ok too? it's pure selfishness. if you have no feasible way of feeding a dog on a regular basis, or sheltering it from the elements, i strongly believe it should be illegal to own a dog. if you love animals selflessly, as i do, you do not believe just anyone should own one because they love them.
What an amazing tribute to an incredible loyal dog, Captain, and the timeless bond between him and his beloved master, Miguel. May God watch over and bless Captain until the day we meets Miguel once again at Rainbow Bridge, to crossover into Heaven, together again for eternity.
Great story, Patrick Currie! Love the "baby ears". As I'm sure you know, it's well-documented that children are more sensitive to and aware of their surroundings before they are "socialized". But I do think that most of us can communicate with our pets on some level if we pay close attention to their behavior and signals. Not as well as a child, but it's better than just ignoring what they are trying to tell us. I should probably just ignore Kel Bel's comment, but was amazed that anyone could be so heartless. Every time I see a dog with a homeless person, I think that at least they can comfort one another a bit. I suspect that most were both homeless when they met, so the dog is better off having a person who is selfless enough to share what food or shelter he or she might find. Personally, I make it a point to observe the behavior of a homeless person/dog combo for at least a few minutes. Yes, some seem to be using the dog as a sympathy tool, but the majority appear to be truly devoted to one another. In which case I make as generous a donation as I can, and offer to provide food for one or both if possible. I've had several take me up on the offer of a small amount of dog food, although they declined any help for themselves. If you didn't mean to sound so self-righteous, Kel Bel, please accept my apologies.
ok, my dog would just LOVE to stay at the park all day making sure squirrels never leave their trees. unfortunately, i MAKE her live with me, therefore making sure she never suddenly has a broken arm. pets CANNOT TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. this is about as heartwarming as the photo of the homeless guy hugging his dog. if you have to rely on donations, and don't have access to indoors when it is bad weather, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A DOG!!! the animal deserves better.
All of this talk about people communicating with animals brought back memories of growing up .... We had a Boxer growing up and my brother used to tell us that the dog talked to him . We took this for granted for a couple of years no matter what my brother said the dog wanted or needed it seemed to always be true . Not long after he turned 5 yrs old ( my brother that is ) the dog was acting strange and when we asked my brother what the dog wanted ... he said " I don't know ... I don't have baby ears anymore " We still talk about it to this day . I truly believe we can communicate with animals except we have forgot as we grow older and took on to much of lifes troubles . :)
I have run out of tissues.....what a sad and yet heartwarming story. I now know what is meant when they say our dogs love us unconditionally.
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