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Help needed for puppy rescued just in time after being tied to a tree and left to die

Dhicon_thumb By DogHeirs Team | August 20, 2013 | Comments (31)


A puppy is lucky to be alive after a Good Samaritan heard his faint barks in the woods and went to investigate. Kaleigh Wetrich was walking with a friend on Sunday through the woods after having visited a nearby apartment in Oak Cliff, Texas.

***For the latest updates on Lucky please go to the bottom of this article***

Lucky was found tied to a tree and left to die

She heard a faint bark and when she went to look, she found a Boxer mix tied to a tree with a garden hose. The hose was wrapped between two trees and tied around the puppy's head so that he could not go anywhere but stand or lay down in between each tree.

Lucky was found tied to a tree and left to die

He was abandoned on a vacant lot with no food or water nearby and just the leaves for shelter from the sun. Starving and barely able to stand, he barked at Kaleigh when she approached him as if to tell her he was there.

Kaleigh immediately contacted Apollo Support & Rescue through Facebook and volunteer Steve Basham came out and was lead to the puppy by Kaleigh. The dog jumped up as best he could when he saw them and barked. It appears that the puppy was likely left alone without food or water for at least a week.

Lucky was found tied to a tree and left to die

Steve said they got to the six to eight-month-old dog just in time, as his organs were beginning to shut down. Kaleigh said she cried all night after finding Lucky. She told KDFW Fox 4, "I can't just leave a living creature to die like that."

Lucky on his freedom ride

Lucky was immediately taken to the vet clinic where they ran tests on him. He was severely infested with hookworms, fleas, and was incredibly anemic. He also had a very low blood platelet count. Vets are considering a blood transfusion if he doesn't get better blood test results in a few days.

Lucky is anemic after being starved

Despite his weakened health, Lucky's rescuers are hoping he will make a full recovery after which they plan on finding him a loving home. 


Update: August 23, 2013

Lucky's fosterer (and rescuer) Steve Basham shared this news about Lucky's progress on Wednesday. "I was preparing Lucky's dinner of AD Critical Care canned food (along with assorted medications and vitamins mixed in per vet.) As I leaned over to put his food bowl down in front of him, he jumps up to my face and starts giving me big wet puppy kisses non stop. Here go the waterworks."

Danielle, Founder of Apollo Rescue, said, "This is the first time Lucky was not scared since we rescued him. He is learning to trust humans once again. Dogs are so forgiving. Thank you everyone for the pouring in support."

Steve also shared a video of Lucky taking some steps to greet him. He wrote, "Lucky was Happy to see me when I got home today."

Update: August 31, 2013

Doctors say Lucky is getting better. His platelets are still low but better. He's also got another round of dewormer to finish off the hook worms. He also gained 7 pounds weight.

The video below shows Lucky looking for the treats at the doctors office.

Update: September 18, 2013

Lucky is doing much better and loves playing fetch! In early September he went to his new foster home. Lucky's rescuer Steve Basham wrote, "He loves it and has a huge yard and even a new friend named Sapphire. He will be receiving more one on one training and attention that he so deserves after such an ordeal. I could not be happier for him! He has an awesome new foster family."

"It was not an easy thing to do. But it was the best thing for him. He has to learn to trust other people besides just me and this family is willing to work with his current issues to help him to do that. It was a perfect match for him."

Want to help Lucky?

Dogs are family tshirtFor every purchase of a Dogs are Family T-Shirt, DogHeirs will give $5 towards Lucky's medical care and rehabilitation. 

Use the donation code: APOLLO RESCUE. Click here to order a Dogs are Family tee.

You can also donate directly to Apollo Support & Rescue online via PayPal here or by mail to 8553 N. Beach St. #137, Fort Worth, TX 76244 USA. Apollo Support & Rescue is a 501(c) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Apollo Support & Rescue is also a Donation Recipient of the DogHeirs Giving Back Program for non profits.




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Comments on this Article

Hi Chris. My comment is suggestive of what could have been done with relatively new technology if an investigation was launched into this case. If you read the linked article it says that they wanted to press charges but they had nothing to go on. If the cameras had been set up before the crime had become public knowledge it may have led to clues leading to charges in this case. Most of the time when police investigate crimes like this the public is not privy to the technology or the techniques used to build their case. If you look at the recent article by Tamara on August 26 2013- Pit bulls rescued in one of the largest dog fighting rings in US history, this investigation went on for three years outside of the public knowledge. Imagine if a group of individuals outside of the law became aware of this and tried to intervene here without the police being aware of it. This could put not only the vigilantes lives at risk but also undercover law enforcement officers. Not to mention destroying years of investigation. In another article by Tamara on August 23 2013- Police ask for help identifying 3 men caught on video throwing pit bull into dumpster. Both of these cases I have identified in my comment involved police from the same state as in this article, and it looked to me like they did a little more than just paperwork.
Praying for you Lucky, you precious little guy. Thank you rescuers, for the work you do. You are the hands and feet of Jesus in a dark world.
To Darrin and all others that believe that law enforcement actually does anything to solve these crimes.....many of these could be solved, but sadly unless it's a highly publicized, they're not looked at. So many things that could be solved are not even looked into. The law will fill out forms and take calls, but that's it.....a formality, that's it. Your property can be stolen, etc; they'll take the call, fill out forms, and that's it. They don't actually go fingerprint anything, take photos, etc; because, they're not going to try & solve it. The only thing they will investigate is murder, attempted murder, etc; You're just wasting your breath if you think they're going to set up cameras and try & solve this. Why do you think thefts occur so much, animal cruelty, etc; because the perpetrators know nothing will become of it. Unless they're blatant in committing the crime, they can pretty much do what they want & never worry about getting caught. We're the ones that need to solve the crimes, maybe if we deal out justice in an indiscriminate way, we can start curbing all the madness. We can only hope someone deals with these people, we don't have time to wait for them to burn in hell, because while we're waiting, they're hurting more and more. And then remember, until they get to murder, nothing will become of it......just sayin'
I posted a few weeks ago on this story...but the pix never left me...why would TX good old boys tie a dog up, almost like a calf, and tie him to trees? As I've been pondering this cruelty, it occurred to me...was he some kind of live bait...for an animal they were hunting down...like, perhaps, a brother canid wolf, or a cougar, or something? This was not a drug thing, this looks like the thinking of drunken, crazy hunters..... Leaving the dog to die...one way or the other? What else makes sense? If anything does....and were they hunting at night....planning to come back and see or catch the possible carnage?
Mark Twain said it: "The more I know people, the more I love my dog!"
Thanks for the update. Lucky is learning to know what love is, obviously for the very first time. Please keep us updated on his progress. He so deserves a loving, permanent home. Thank you and God bless all of you who have had a hand in rescuing this dear boy. :0)
Awwwww!!!!! God Bless Kaleigh, Steve & most importantly...Lucky!!!! I'm so heart broken but soooooo happy there is a happy ending!!! I can't wait to see how Lucky looks in a couple months!!!!! Yay for the new family!!!! :)
Well said Debra Moore! Get better Lucky, praying for you..
Any update on Lucky! Praying for him!
Well said, Chris. And congratulations on YOUR recovery. I know it was not easy. Ignorance comes in all forms. Prejudice is also the mainstay of this ignorance. I have come to the conclusion that while hating the people responsible for this cruelty only hurts ME and does not help the situation. We do need stricter laws and more severe punishments. But more big hearts are stepping forward than ever before and I am so very thankful for that. Well done, what a sweet little pup.
@ Alexandra, I joined this site so I could respond to your comment. About 15 years ago I was a heroin addict and still a dog lover. I rescued a pup that had been rejected by it's mother through no fault of the pup or the mother. I hand reared that pup. Was still doing heroin, which I'm not proud of. That pup became my biggest priority, and was still my biggest priority 10 years later when she died in my arms. How dare you pass judgement on some thing you obviously know nothing about. Most people I know love their dogs unconditionally I would gladly let you walk with me through any town where a large concentration of people who have problems like this have dogs. You my friend need to learn the facts before you speak out about things you don't know any thing about.
I don't understand how anyone could treat an animal or human like this. There are so many abusive people in this world. It's as if there's no heart or soul in the people who do this. Poor little guy. It made me cry to look at his photos like that. Makes me want to tie those ppl to a tree and leave them. Ugh! How is it possible to do this? So sad. Makes me so angry. And hurts my heart.
To all kind Dogheirs members. I too feel your pain when I see such horrific acts. We must remember these perpetrators are far from normal and most likely meth or heroine addicts who had an unconditional love for their family but were never loved back. So a dog who loves them unconditionally is a pariah and the addict hates them. Hence the evil acts. They want to kill those who love them since they feel they are not deserving (remember they are on meth or heroine) for the humans that never loved them. Funny, this happens everyday for dogs but for people a serial killer probably comes along every 10 years. The answer is keep dogs out of the hands of degenerates.
This Again!! Another A-hole on the loose! The dog has more brains than the human scum, of that there is no doubt! Go to hell, human scum!
I am so happy this big-little fella is receiving the assistance he needs. Blessings to the person who saved him from certain death. Thank you!!!
Aww, looks exactly like my plott Hound, flash
Hi Kim! Please contact Apollo Support and Rescue directly at asr628@gmail.com to apply to adopt Lucky! We'd love to receive an update from you if he manages to find his way into your home when he's healthy and ready!
Does Lucky have a forever family lined up yet? I live in California & also work with a transport group, I wold love to adopt him, I have a lab chocolate male puppy 5 months old today & an older rescue female dog, I'm sure when Lucky is healthy it can be arranged to get to me! I'd love to give Lucky a great home!
Thank god there is still people in the world like Steve Basham and Danielle, from Apollo Rescue and all the rescue groups. I hope Lucky gets all the love he deserves..
Lucky was truely lucky. Thank you Kaleigh for going and investigating the dog you heard. I hope and pray lucky gets better soon and finds him a really good loving home, he deserves.
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