These Gorgeous Photos of Dogs in Summer Will Make You Want to Go Outside With Your Pup

When it comes to taking memorable pictures of dogs, professional photographer Anne Geier is one of the best. Her beautiful portraits of dogs capture their playful and soulful energy.

With the beautiful natural surroundings of her native Austria, Anne ventures out into forests, lakes and other outdoor settings to take pictures of dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, including her own.

There are whimsical shots and ones of profound beauty.

A Rottweiler almost smiles in one photo. In another, a German Shepherd steps on a stone in a river, with an expression that says he’s up for an adventure.

All of the photos share a loving eye for capturing the personality of their subject and an eye for textures and color that make these photos of dogs enjoying the summer truly shine.

See more of Anne’s wonderful photos on the next page.

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