What Does the Fox Say? Dog Dance Routine Wows Crowd

When it comes to original dog dance routines, Marianne Elise Methi and her dog Very Vega put on a fun-filled performance at Crufts that wowed the crowd.

Remember the quirky hit dance song from several years ago called “What does the fox say?” by the Norwegian band Ylvis? Well, being Norwegian herself, Methi decided to use that song to choreograph her heelwork to music. Not only that she dressed up as a fox!

The crowd loved the pair’s performance during the 2020 International Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition, especially when Very Vega jumps on her mom’s back.

The dog and “fox” work together flawlessly and we’re impressed how Very Vega understands her mom’s high number of hand signals without any trouble, even from a far distance.

The routine is unusual in parts, but we really enjoyed watching them.

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