Family Rescues Great Pyrenees They Find On The Side of The Road

While on a long drive in Kentucky, Melissa Ringstaff and her family spotted a Great Pyrenees lying on the side of a road.

They thought he had been hit by a car, but when he got up and walked towards them they realized he had not been hurt. His companion, however, had not been so lucky.

The family’s hearts were broken for the one dog, but they decided to help the large dog.

“We loaded him up as vehicles passed with more than a few people telling us they were so glad to see someone helping him and a local person explained that his owners had moved away and left the two dogs behind — abandoned them,” Ringstaff wrote on her blog.” And that he’d been sitting there for a few days.”

They fell in love with the big dog and named him Tucker and adopted him. After giving him a bath, a groom and food, Tucker seemed to be getting along with Ringstaff’s five children and other dogs.

But shortly after his rescue, he ran away. The family immediately set out to find him, determined to bring him home…again!

Watch his heartwarming rescue in the video below.

In the family’s heartwarming follow-up, you’ll see that Tucker has settled right in to his new home. He’s definitely not going anywhere now that he’s found his forever family.

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