Stray Pit Bull Will Get a New Life Thanks to Kind Stranger Who Found Him

Kevin’s sad history is etched on his body. “This poor baby. He’s had such a hard life, he’s covered in scabs, scars, has a terrible ear crop-job, too skinny, and his front left leg is swollen and he won’t put weight on it,” writes Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Fortunately, the abused Pit Bull found a safe spot to take refuge when he showed up on a stranger’s doorstep asking for help.

The kind-hearted woman who lived there reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who came to pick him up.

Donna (with Stray Rescue)  could tell Kevin was in rough shape just from seeing him but she and the other rescuers immediately fell “head over heels for him.” Despite the story his body told, Kevin immediately wagged his tail affectionately and wanted their attention. And he was really hungry and gulped down the sausages Donna fed him.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The Good Samaritan explained to them that he popped up a couple of days earlier and she could see he had been starved and something wrong with his front leg. She told them that animals in need have always found her over the years. Stray Rescue wrote that,”As we left, she cried so hard and we felt that.”

They promised her that they will give Kevin the life she wants him to have. “Soon he’ll be healthy and happy.”

Kevin is so lucky to have found his way to the kind woman’s doorstep and into loving hands. We know he will finally get the love and care he needs.

To help give Kevin a new life, you can donate to his care at Stray Rescue’s website.

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