Dog Comes to the Rescue After Owner Locks Herself Out of the House

Usually it is the family dog who barks outside the door to let back inside the home after they’ve played in the backyard. But Kaylyn Marie was the one shouting to be let back inside after she accidentally locked herself out and it was her dog who came to her rescue.

She had just taken a swim in her backyard pool, but when she tried to open the sliding glass door to get back inside, she noticed the piece of wood she uses to lock it when she’s not at home had fallen into place.

Panic set in as she realized no one was going to be home for hours. Then she saw her dog Sam looking at her. That’s when she asked him for help.

“So I locked myself out and I knew nobody was going to be home for hours, Kaylyn shared on Facebook, after posting a video of the adventure. “Needless to say, I have the best dog ever.”

Watch Sam come to her rescue and Kaylyn’s ecstatic reaction to Sam’s heroics. And yes, we’re pretty sure Sam got lots of treats for being such a good boy.

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