Pug Saves the Day When His Mom Gets Locked Outside of Her Car

A smart pug helped his human out of a serious jam after she got locked outside of her car on a snowy winter’s night. The woman shared a video of her pug adorably coming to her rescue.

The woman can be heard directing her dog, “Blue light, blue light baby, blue light, blue light, come on, blue light” while gesturing to the car door, in the hopes he will understand.

The pug stares at her from the driver’s seat before coming over to see her up close and figure out what’s going on. In doing so, he lowers the car’s backseat window to let her in!

The proud and relieved woman tells her pug “Good boy, good boy!”

The pug’s human must have been relieved, given how cold it was outside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and how much trouble it would be to get someone to come and help.

Some might say the dog didn’t know what he was doing and he was simply responding to his mom’s hand gesture. Whether purposeful or not, the pug came to the rescue of his mom, that’s for sure!

Watch the clever pug in action in the video below!

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