Sweet Dog Turns on the Charm to Ask for a Cookie

Skippy has his eye on his human’s carrot cake cookie and puts his skills into overdrive! The Shih Tzu gets on his hind legs and moves his front paws like he’s begging (or praying?) to be given a treat. He’s relentless with the charm – just look at him go!

After watching Skippy in action one viewer wrote, “Dear God, I would give you everything, including my house!!” It should be noted that Skippy did not get the carrot cake cookie – that would not be good for him – but his dad says he gets lots of other ones.

Flash forward seven years, and Skippy is still begging in his own unique way. His dad wrote on YouTube, “Checking in with Skippy and he is STILL using his begging skills to score treats :D. Skippy is a happy doggy and gets lots of love and treats.”

But now, Skippy appears to have a human much more likely to reward his begging. Right baby Jacob? Jacob gives Skippy all the food he wants…or so his dad says. 🙂

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