Homeless Dogs Selected to Enjoy ‘Best Holiday Ever’ Get a Day to Remember

A group of homeless dogs were given a special holiday treat when FreshPet teamed up with three different shelters to give them “the best holiday ever”.

First on the day’s agenda – the dog park! The shelter dogs were treated to a day out and got taken on a special trolley to the dog park, where they got to run and play and socialize with everyone.

That’s not all. After their excursion, they got to feast on a specially prepared meal with all the holiday trimmings.

Each dog got their own place settings and were dressed up in their holiday finest before being served a delectable Christmas dinner. The dogs must have liked it because their plates were literally licked clean!

shelter dogs get holiday surprise

But what made the day absolutely unforgettable for some of these lovable, adoptable dogs was that six of them were adopted.

Beau, Pudgie, Charlotte, Itsy, Lilly, and Bat from the Center for Animal Health & Welfare, Airedale Rescue of Delaware Valley and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue in Pennsylvania, found loving homes in time for the holidays.

As they say in the video, consider adopting from your local shelter and rescue!

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