Goofy Rescued Pit Bull Talks With Her Mom All the Time

Maisy is a rescued dog who just can’t stop woo-wooing at how wonderful life is.

She does it whenever she is happy or excited – which is a lot now that she has found a loving home! Maisy spent many years locked up in a backyard fenced kennel. Her former owners wanted to use her for breeding, but she never got pregnant.

screenshot via YouTube

They were going to put Maisy down because she was of no use to them, but fortunately, she was brought to an animal rescue. Marisa’s friend sent her a picture of Maisy. Marisa was going through a very difficult time. She had lost her dog and her parents and needed someone in her life. From the moment she met Maisy she knew she had to bring her home.

From the moment Maisy stepped into her home she has brightened everything up. Her woo-wooing just doesn’t stop.

She’s a very chatty dog and affectionate with everyone, so much so that everyone just falls in love with her including Marisa’s cat and horses.

Maisy can’t believe she’s got a home, and friends that “everything is fantastic to her” says Marisa. She says that Maisy is exactly what she needed and with her goofy personality and adorable eyes she knows how to make Marisa happy.

Maisy continues to spread her happiness to others on her Instagram page @maisythebarnhippo.

And of course, her “woo-wooing”.


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