Puppies in Constant Danger from Coyotes Rescued Along with Their Mom

A family of dogs was living in an orchard and under threat from the coyotes roaming the area. But thankfully, kind-hearted Good Samaritans working next door to the orchard spotted them. Sharon and Jeff Bradley contacted Danny Spanks with A Safefurr Place Dog Rescue in Bakersfield, California.

Danny learned that the mama dog had just given birth a few weeks earlier. But when he showed up to the orchard he couldn’t find any sign of the puppies or mama. He reached out to Sharon and Jeff and they were able to give him a more specific location.

That’s when Danny approached the mama, who he had been told was friendly. She turned out to be one of the sweetest dogs he had ever rescued and she led him right to her babies.

If Sharon and Jeff hadn’t reached out Blueberry and her babies may never have been found and wouldn’t have had a chance to get their happy endings. So thank goodness they did!

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