Dog Poop Couriered Back To Irresponsible Pet Owners

Wanting to reduce the amount of dog droppings found around the streets of their city, a small town in Spain arranged for the discarded dog poop to be sent back to their irresponsible dog owners. And it worked!

The campaign was developed for free by ad agency McCann and took place in Brunete, a town around 20 miles from Madrid with a population of 10,000 people.

With 20 volunteers, volunteers approached dog owners who left behind their dog’s poop and started a casual conversation and learned the dog’s name. With the name of the dog and the breed, the city was able to identify the owner from the registered pet database, the council told The Telegraph.

After the guilty dog owner’s address was confirmed, the poop was bagged and placed in a box labeled ‘Lost Property’. Attractively packaged in a box with the town’s insignia, the package was delivered by courier directly to the pet owner’s home.

A total of 147 deliveries were made and since the special deliveries ended they’ve noted a 70% decrease in poop on the streets.

Sending the poop is the town’s second innovative campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership. Last year they had remote-controlled “dog poop” scoot around and chase after offending dog owners. The RC poop-mobiles had signs saying ‘Don’t leave me – pick me up’.

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