Car Wash Owner Horrified As Man Uses Car Wash to ‘Clean Dogs’

A car wash owner in was horrified when she saw what three people were doing to clean their two dogs at her car wash.

Nicole Gattoross of Warren, Detroit, was out bowling with her family but watched a livestream on her phone from her surveillance cameras as two dogs were soaped up and hosed down at her car wash.

“We watched these dogs being covered in chemicals that were for vehicles, not animals – foam brushed, high pressure with up to 110-degree water – it was horrible,” Gattoross told WXYZ.

Nicole Gatto Ross

She said that it was clear from the videos that the dogs were terrified. She later posted up screenshots on Facebook.

To the idiots who tied their dogs up at our car wash, Wash Stop Car Wash, located at 9 & Hoover. They washed and…

Posted by Nicole Gatto Ross on Sunday, June 24, 2018

Her post came to the notice of Detroit Pit Crew and WXYZ News. Soon after, Warren Police detectives investigated the incident and located the owner of the dogs. The dogs were taken to the vet and are said to be in good condition and the owner has also agreed to release the dogs to a friend or family member, according to WXYZ.

The owner admitted to police that he messed up and did not realize that the soap or pressure from the hose would be harmful to the dogs.

Warren police are still expected to charge the owner on two counts of animal cruelty.

Detroit Pit Crew commented afterwards, “Looks like Channel 7 News WZYZ doing a story on this situation has motivated the Warren Police Department to press charges against these animal abusers. We are praying these dogs will be in better hands soon!”

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